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About Underworld Gang Wars {UGW APK}

Mayhem Studios developed the Underworld Gang Wars game, a battle royale designed for Indian online gangsters. Inspired by India’s beautiful locations like forts and ghats, the game features Indian-style weapons for battling enemies.

Underworld Gang Wars is an officially licensed mobile combat survival game, following the popular battle royale concept. Players can team up with gang members, choose between SOLO, DUO, SQUAD, or gang play, and strategize to win on the Dhantara map, dominating the world of Dhantara in fierce gang battles.

Why Underworld Gang Wars Game is Best

Features in Underworld Gang Wars Game

In the game UGW, the main map is called Dhantara. To rule this map, you’ll use unique Indian-style weapons like Katta and Hammer. Explore Dhantara’s locations, including stairways, forts, and stations. Although it’s unclear how many vehicles are in the game, a Bike Classic 350 and a Land Rover have been mentioned.

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Underworld Gang Wars Maps Dhantara

Ride like a boss on a bike, explore captivating terrains and locations, and be the one to make the decisive strike. If you’ve got the courage to take a shot, Dhantara is the place where you all fight with your friends.

Underworld Gang Wars Game

Features in Underworld Gang Wars Game

  • Enjoy great graphics and detailed places for real fun.
  • Go solo, team up, or play with friends.
  • Play on different maps with cool strategies.
  • Try unique Indian weapons like hatuda and fharsa.
  • Explore an Indian map called Dhantara.
  • Use many weapons for fighting.
  • Move around fast with vehicles.
  • Get updates often for new stuff.

Underworld Gang Wars Character

UGW game features two main characters, Tyagi and Boris, each with their distinct personalities and roles. Tyagi, a once ordinary villager, has transformed into a fierce and angry man.

Download UGW APK

You can use the link below to get the APK file of Underworld Gang Wars game (UGW APK). Install the game by yourself, invite your friends, and embark on a new battle royale journey.

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Name Of The GameUnderworld Gang Wars
File TypeUGW APK + OBB File
UGW Game Size1.9 GB
Version Of Game1.0.1
UGW Version Date23/12/2023
Supported DevicesAndroid and iOS
Developers Of GameMayhem Studios / Homepage

How To Download UGW APK+OBB File For Android

All the steps provided below can be used to download UGW File for Android

  • Open The Google and Search or Click on the given link – Play Store
  • Press on, wait for the site to open.
  • Click on the “UGW Game Android APK Download” button that appears.
  • Wait till the given file to download the UGW Game.
  • Once Ugw Apk + OBB is downloaded, install the game.
  • Play and enjoy the game in the last.


What is UGW?

Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Battle royale by Mayhem Studios. It’s India’s First Battle Royale Game.

How to Download Underworld Gang Wars on IOS Device?

UGW Game is not available this time for ios device

What is Underworld Gang Wars Offical Website Link?

UGW Game Official Website is the

So you must have finally got this game and you all must have played this game, if you have not played this game yet then definitely play it because Mayhem company has made a very good battle royale game.